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How to make a cheap 2.4G Arduino RC robot tank?

parts list: 1. Arduino Nano 2. Motor shield Driver L298n 3. The chassis for the tank Option №1 other arduino robot tank chassis see here                                        4. Wires connecting 5. Servo SG90 6. Joystick PS2 remote control 7. Batteries diy 8. Swivel servo cloud system some arduino…


2.4G Arduino Servo NRF24L01 Remote Control PS2 Expansion Kit 30 meters

buy from: 2.4G Arduino Quadruple Servo NRF24L01 Remote Control PS2 Expansion Kit Product introduction: The use of two arduino boards plus nrf24L01 to remotely control four servos is specifically designed for mechanical arms. Features: 2.4G remote control distance elementArduino driver…